Replayz On-Demand Sales Coach

Permanent- Full-time Employee

Replayz Labs LTD. is looking for a skilled sales coach to join our growing team in early November.


About Us

Replayz is the new way for top inside sales teams to get trained up. We provide on-demand sales coaching remotely through video recorded feedback and live video coaching calls. We support the Sales VP’s coaching goals by reviewing recorded Demos that Account Executives send us, and augment those reviews with written feedback and Video Coaching Calls.

About You

  • You are passionate about sales and truly look at sales as a reputable and skilled profession

  • There are multiple sales reps off the top of your head that we can call today from different companies who have reported to you and they will tell us how much you inspired them and how formative you were in their career.  They will tell us that you are the best sales person they have ever met

  • You have at least 15 years of sales and sales leadership experience

  • You are the roll-up-your-sleeves kind of leader that makes a point of being on sales calls with your team instead of doing admin. work, not because you have to, but because you would far rather be in front of a customer than doing anything else

  • You love winning, love coaching and have an awesome attitude

  • You have formal sales training in at least 2 methodologies (i.e. SPIN, The Challenger Sale etc)

  • You have worked in at least 3 different industries throughout your career

  • Working with Replayz and reviewing video sales pitches (disco calls, demos, closing calls) will be as interesting and exciting to you as going to a brand new blockbuster movie is to most people (if you don’t understand this point, please don’t apply:)

  • You have a high level of demonstrated business acumen

  • You have no ego and don’t like working with people with egos…

  • You have spent many hours on video calls and can rattle off the top 20 do’s and don'ts with personal stories you have from experience to accompany each

  • You thrive working from a home office

About The Role

  • Replayz is looking for it’s next professional coach.  This is a full time, permanent employee position

  • Once you are fully ramped, Replayz will send you customer recorded video sales calls (DISCO/DEMO calls) each week for you to review and video record your feedback

  • You will lead hour long Video Coaching calls with Account Executives from interesting companies around the globe (but primarily in NA).  This will include leading role-plays

  • Since your plate will not be full with coaching right away, we are looking for you to sell for 75% of the time in month 1, 50% of the time in month 2, 25% of the time in month 3 and likely 10% on an ongoing basis.  This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your sales skills and immerse yourself in the business before jumping into the main coaching gig. A generous commission plan is provided.

  • Upon starting a new Replayz engagement we will ask you to participate in (and eventually lead) the orientation/kick-off call with the senior leadership of the new Replayz customer

  • You will lead 1:1 intro. calls with each new rep to the program (establishing learning objectives etc)

  • You will video record your video reviews with all of the Replayz tools and branding specs that are provided to you

  • Each video review is accompanied by a 2 one-pager of high-level feedback that you edit 

  • This is definitely not primarily a business development role- but to keep your skills sharp and help the Company, we ask that you bring in new customers in your down time (and you will get paid commission for this)

Compensation & Benefits

  • We provide health care options and flexible work/vacation arrangements to ensure you can live your best life outside of work.  This role involves working from your home office most of the time. We want to discuss your compensation with you to make sure we get it right.

  • We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. We are committed to ensuring Replayz is an inclusive and supportive workplace.

  • We’ll contact you directly if we are interested in scheduling an interview.


Think you’d be a great fit?

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